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So I glued a layer of 6mm craft foam to the fluke with an edge that measured around 1/2 inch. That way if I bump anyone they wont. Get stabbed with plastic. Then I covered that with a complete layer of paintable latex to waterproof it. I chose paintable because mixing pigment into silicone is time consuming. You get more freedom by free painting. :)

Monofin test a success!

I tested the monofin out today and everything was amazing! The polystyrene plastic bends so fluidly…it swims like a dream! The only problem is the silicone did not bond to the plastic,but dis to the fiberglass. I may just overlook this and continue as planned because I really don’t see anything being able to glue this type of plastic together. :/

Sealing the seams with silicone and attaching the swimshoes. I got the shoes at Walmart about a year ago. Get a size too small because you want a super tight fit and I suggest getting ones with Velcro secures. If you can find ones with Velcro straps, they are easy to make for cheap. I secured the shoes with a mix of e6000 and common silicone. Fill sides after glue sets with more silicone. Let sit for 48hrs to ensure the silicone is dry all the way through. After that you can swim in this. Its not finished being decorated, but this is a perfectly functional monofin.

Now to begin cutting. Wear proper PPE. Make sure you buy a mask designed for fiberglass because the fumes and tiny particles will give you a monster lung infection. Goggles are a must too. Wear long clothes because the fiberglass will stick to your sweat and make you itch badly. Stay safe.
I got my Winn rotary tool off Amazon for $50 last year. I like it, but if you plan on using it a lot I would suggest paying the extra money for a bigger brand name. Its defective and it scares me LOL.

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